"It's definitely a wide-angle view"
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Don Pettit, famed International Space Station photographer, gives an interesting talk at Luminance 2012 about the opportunities and difficulties of shooting aboard a space station.
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I misread this at first and could not conceive of why anyone would bring a gun onto the space station.
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Why indeed
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Hahaaaaaaaaa he stole a bolt from a Progress capsule to build a camera mount. That's hilarious.

Don Pettit is a giant nerd and I adore him. His "Letters to Earth" blog is fantastic and frequently charming.
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That's Don "knittin' needle" Pettit to you.

But seriously, great post.
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Don Pettit's stuff has been posted to MeFi before and he never gets too many comments, but I just love the guy. Thanks for posting this!
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He does have a very unusual cadence of speech, teraflop.
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