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Teddy Bear(trailer) is a movie about a Danish bodybuilder in search of love. Kim Kold, actual bodybuilder, stars.

Muscle & Fitness: Debunking Bodybuilder Stereotypes

'Teddy Bear' (or, '10 timer til paradis') is director Mads Matthiesen's feature debut, but is derived from his short film, Dennis(youtube, 18 mins. previously)
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Looks good - I want to see it.
posted by entropone at 1:17 PM on November 13, 2012

Having liked the short film, I'm excited about the feature. The Thailand plot device looks to be both heartwarming and accurate [nsfw].
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Saw this at Film Forum. The pace of the film was at times tortuously slow, but it was a good movie.
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Seems like something out of the "swole acceptance movement".
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I thought "Dennis" was an amazing piece of work. Looking cautiously forward to this. Thanks!
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Saw the short film on one of Film Movement's DVDs. They usually pair their features with a bonus short from another filmmaker. Good to see Matthiesen developed it out. Plus I got an excuse to plug Film Movement, one of my favorite film distributors.
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