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Auctioneers as hypnotists? (Hurry up, you could lose the bid...)
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If you like listening to auctioneers, check out the chants of (recently deceased) Elizabeth Clare Prophet — they might remind you of Balinese Monkey Chants. WFMU has a page with a few. For a quick taste, try this one (mp3) .
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The Livestock Marketing Association has an auctioneer championship every year.

This page has mp3s of the winners from the past 40 years.

For your own good, please listen to some.
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Auctioneers remind me of the way herders always seem to talk to their herds more than anything else-- so yes, hypnotic.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet was incredible; I wanted to listen to more of her stuff after I first heard her ~15 years ago, but I was afraid to.
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Thanks for posting the champions' page, moistener, they're amazing. There's a lot of them, so if people just want to check one out, I'll recommend the one from year 2004.

/I've got all those mp3s from when I downloaded them years ago, but I couldn't find that page.
posted by benito.strauss at 5:12 PM on November 14, 2012

They talk like that to hypnotize the bidders.

Call me a pedant but other than that flat assertion there is absolutely zero evidence or citations in that article.
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those livestock guys, are they just trilling between the numbers, or are those supposed to be words?
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They're words. As I understand it livestock auctioneers each develop a personal vocabulary of phrases to stitch the bids into a chant, but the chant does make sense.
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You are now aware that most formulaic, repetitive speech patterns are designed to produce some level of trance mentality.
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clarknova. Amen.
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Moistener and benito.strauss, you have just made my mp3 playlist so weird. Shuffle will never be the same.
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