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WTFlevel.com: Real-time updates on twitter swearing.
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I really like the "top words" thing. I wonder what "tomyfutureson" was all about.

I expected to see a more constant level of swearing through the day. It's not like there aren't reasons to swear in the morning or something.

You realize that they have other swear words in other time zones, right?
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Huh, that's weird. The swearing level is highest in the hours I'm awake.
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Am I alone in being sad this isn't a link to a bunch of tweets saying "By the Wounds of Christ!" and "On my Sainted Mother's Grave!"?
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So this is for one time zone, and as far as I can see it doesn't even mention which one? Seems rather insular.
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I wonder what "tomyfutureson" was all about.

Tomy Futureson's new album just came out, and he's a social media darling.
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just admit that the purpose of this post is really fun with tags.
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@Tybalt Good king of cats, nothing but one of your nine
lives; that I mean to make bold withal, and as you
shall use me hereafter!

@Mercutio Lol
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Highest rate recently:

3am Nov 7th -- 9am Nov 7th 9.72%

Wake up, Obama's president, time to go to 10th grade, do some curses.
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Huh. My installation of opera seems to consistently hang on that page.
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Folks leaving some muddy social media tracks on Twitter and Facebook: http://hellothereracists.tumblr.com/
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from the 2nd link:
But I find it really interesting that there's an evening peak in the data. Since we're measuring the rate here, and not the totals, I expected swearing to be at least somewhat constant -- it didn't seem like there would be a reason for there to be fewer sweary tweets in the morning as opposed to the evening. I need to do a little digging into the data to see if I can figure out if there's anything obvious that can explain what is happening here.
If people swear more in the evening, it's because they are drinking.

This is a great project! Very cool link.
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By the lack of acknowledgement that the world has different time zones, I'm going to presume that all the times are New York times.
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Hey, person who built the site here. Two things: first off, it's a work in progress. Second, the times are actually adjusted according to your time zone -- so anywhere a time is listed, it should be your local time.

But since at the moment the site only scans for swears in English, there's an inherent US bias. That said, I don't feel like that fully explains the discrepancies here.
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Hiya, muffinista! Thanks for dropping in.
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