Cambodian Trees
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Cambodian Trees by Clément Briend. "La culture cambodgienne est habitée par une spiritualité qui crée une conscience du monde peuplée de génies et d’esprits. Dans le paysage d'une ville endormie, la nuit fait apparaître ces figures divines sur les arbres, permettant ainsi leur incarnation. Par ces projections nocturnes, nous pouvons alors toucher la magie qui illumine leur regard sur le monde." [Via]
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In other news: Building blocks of Angkor Wat were shipped in by canal
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I would love to see some video of this -am curious about whether the movement of the tree in the wind adds to the effect.

Cambodians are particularly wary of spirits in banana trees and mango trees apparently.
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Beautiful, merci. (And hooray for canals and satellite usage in archaeology!)
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Very inspiring (as in: i'm going to figure out how to do this myself) Thanks!
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gorgeous! to would be so cool to project images onto trees during an outdoor party. especially if the faces slowly changed and talked and stuff.
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