Rembrandt in White
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The Art of Ironing is, primarily, a Russian advertisement for steam irons, however it is also a remarkable demonstration of recreating art from unusual materials; in this case, a simple white piece of cloth.
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Very cool post, but I hope that Russian irons have improved from the soviet era 20 pound personal burn and brand machines I used in Eastern Europe.
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Ironic art, or steaming pile of sheet?
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*Not produced with PunGenerator
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Man, it seems like all you need is some common items and a clever person and suddenly you have art! Well, and then that art gets used to advertise something, but, you know, art!
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I can't even use an iron to make something flat. And then there's this guy.
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Basically wet-fold origami writ large.
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That was amazing - especially the release of wiping out one piece to create another. I couldn't see enough detail to determine if previous pieces contributed to subsequent piece like in a palimpsest.
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Notice that he actually uses a steamer, not an iron, to get the wrinkles out. I haven't used my iron, basically, since I got mine. Creases are for people with free time.

And yet part of me now wants to learn how to iron famous artwork into my shirts so that I can show up rumpled AND stylish.
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I really really like this idea. It wets the imagination... to add color and texture, layers. maybe Illuminating it from
behind...hmmmm? going to need extra starch.
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