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American paratrooper Arthur Boorman suffered debilitating injuries during the first Gulf War. Doctors told him he'd never walk unassisted again. 15 years later....

There's an extended version of his video on YouTube. Both were posted by retired wrestler "Diamond Dallas" Page, (wikipedia) who founded and runs the referenced yoga center. Page had suffered similar injuries during his career.

But these videos were actually created for a documentary movie that is now in post-production, which highlights similar journeys and transformational weight loss by others: Inspired: The Movie (autoplaying music). The production team has posted additional snippets and interviews from the movie to YouTube

Mr. Boorman was interviewed by Good Morning America in May. (autoplaying video)
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I saw that (and passed it along) on FB the other day. Normally the "inspiring" type stuff just gives me cavities, but it made my eyes bug out- when they showed Boorman clean-shaven at the end, I didn't realize it was the same dude.
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DDP is a hell of a great guy. He's currently working on helping another wrestling legend, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, who as all wrestling fans and viewers of Beyond The Mat know to be a lifelong addict, and a man of incredible talent as well as tragedy. The hope is to get Jake functional for one last retirement run of matches, which he truly deserves. Even a drunk, shoeless and rambling Jake Roberts has more natural charisma than pretty much anybody working in wrestling today. The Snake's synth theme hitting at next year's Chikara King of Trios: one for the ages, and not a dry eye in the house, guaranteed.
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I can imagine DDP's approach to yoga rubs the typical yoga crowd the wrong way, but in a way it is yoga. A 6-minute plank? That's what you do as a yogi...
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I posted this video in an askme asking for work out inspiration a while ago and it was not in any way acknowledged as a good answer and I am maybe still trying to be humbled by this experience so that I can keep my Real Adult merit badge.
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(that I stole from my younger sister)
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This is why if you want to see fullest recovery from an injury you need to work with medical and fitness professionals who are used to catering to athletes or are former athletes themselves. The human body is capable of recuperating from serious physical injury and deterioration far more than most give it credit, and nobody should be resigned to knee braces or limps or back pain unless as a last resort.

Doctors, PTs, and trainers who are used to working in the athletic world are focused on not just achieving basic functionality but 100% recovery that will allow their client to continue to train and compete, and as a result tend to be more imaginative and aggressive in expectations and treatments. Arthur was clearly done a great disservice by the medical team that intially handled his case, and he's a testament that even basic stuff like yoga and an encouraging trainer who knows something about injury recovery (as a ex-pro wrestler certainly would) are capable of achieving exemplary results. Injured people and the medical professionals often give up way too early and serious loss in quality of life in too many people is the sad result.
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Yep. Yoga works.
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That was inspiring. I used to do Iyengar yoga and I really miss it.
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Well I feel like an asshole for all of my excuses after a 3 month yoga hiatus.
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Anybody have the link to the older version of this video? I remember seeing it several years ago, perhaps in the context of Father's Day. I believe his son posted it. My google-fu is weak today.

Diamond Dallas Page wasn't mentioned at all, no voiceover, it was just straight clips of his progress.
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DDP is really a great human being all around. He developed his yoga program to deal with the chronic pain issues caused by being a professional wrestler, and he makes it a point to give free copies of it to every wrestler he meets, no matter what level they're at - and since his yoga program is more effective long-term than the usual cocktail of painkillers most wrestlers used to be addicted to, he's helping a lot of people before they're ever aware they need it.

(Also, he is a genuinely awesome dude who always has time for a fan, no matter what.)
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Diamond Dave Blue

Not that I mind. I've seen the short video several times now and share it every time it comes around. It is one of the most inspirational videos I've ever seen. I'm not sure I can take that much goodness in movie length, though.
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Doohickie: "Diamond Dave Blue"

*nod* Tongue-in-cheek, I tagged the post "yogablue" last night. :)
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Oh man. What a guy!
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Here is the alternate version I was looking for above: YouTubery

I prefer its more straightforward presentation of the process. More show, less tell.
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