Photographer Ken Regan Passes from The Scene
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On Nov. 25th, Ken Regan, iconic photographer of rock icons such as Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones (among many others) died of cancer. A spokesperson for his studio declined to give Regan's age, calling him "ageless." A GQ interview from late last year. A gallery of 16 of his images, and another gallery of 25 images. His (Flash required) web site's biography and portfolio. A one hour phone interview (warning: insufferable 3-1/2 minute pre-interview ad).
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Age is nothing but a number! Too bad it is the number that measures how many years old you are.
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When I was a beginning young and hungry staff newspaper photographer back in the late 1970's, Ken Regan was among the press pool traveling with Jimmy Carter during the Camp David Accords. While waiting for Carter, Menachem Begin, and Anwar Sadat to approach the press pack at the Gettysburg Battlefield, I realized that I was in the presence of one of my photographic heroes. It was a bigger deal to me to be his company than in the company of the three leaders we were all there to photograph.

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