Full text of White Paper on Tibet's March Toward Modernization
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Full text of White Paper on Tibet's March Toward Modernization (Part 2) (Part 3) I don't agree with Tibet being administered as an Autonomous Region, but doesn't this amount to displacing Native Americans and putting them on reservations as part of the US' westward expansion? [press release]
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last week btw china daily all but labeled the dalai lama a terrorist in its editorial pages saying, "China disagrees with any country or international organization that invites or meets with the Dalai Lama or provides the Dalai Lama venues for separatist political activities."
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it says "peaceful liberation of Tibet". was it peaceful?
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not according to this other white paper :) maybe they think it's some kind of civ III cultural conquest or something, "we're clearly superior so you might as well join us." although they've far from demonstrated enlightenment! but i mean does anyone believe the party-line and i guess more importantly does it even matter?

like china is practicing a particularly egregious form of might makes right/winner writes the history propaganda/tectonic drift war. if you keep at it for enough decades and stay just below the radar of international outrage assimilation takes on the aura of inevitability.

not that this makes china The Next Big Threat, as the bush administration hinted at coming into office (which i think smacks eerily of an enemy of convenience). but it's frustrating to see colonization take place as imperial adventure, a backward endeavor in my mind of an erstwhile superpower.
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