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NYCbaton is a blog that gives a different Instagram-using New Yorker the chance to post a photo and story of their life in NYC each day. Every day, there's something different from someone else, but it's an interesting view of the city from so many contributors. It is reminiscent of Sweden's national Twitter account, and how a different resident posts each day to that feed.
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I really like this idea. Are the photos in chronological order? I get a bit confused which posts are from what day and from who. I'll throw my name in the hat to represent Chinatown.
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Sweden's not the only country with a national twitter account - there's also @WeAreAustralia, @TweetWeekUSA, and @CuratorsMexico. Cities join in, too. I was one of the @PeopleOfLeeds earlier this year. Here's a pretty thorough list of national and city-specific shared accounts.
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I carried the baton back in September - it was a lot of fun!
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This shot of the cover of today's Post is like nightmare fuel.
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This shot of the cover of today's Post is like nightmare fuel.

What...the fuck.
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Who takes a picture like that instead of trying to help the guy? What kind of sociopathic asshole does that?
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Oh, he was "trying to flash his camera to alert the train operator," which is literally the worst excuse I have ever heard.
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I had a turn at the @WeAreAustralia account, back in July. It was a lot of fun, and all the other #RotationCuration people are really interesting.

I like the idea of doing this with photos for a smaller local area though, it gives a more intimate view of a city.
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today's my turn to carry the baton!
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