So many nuts to crack!
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It is Christmas Eve (or the 7th night of Chanukah), and the Stahlbaums are having a lavish party in Germany, or Harlem, or 1770s Washington, DC, or a 1970s-esque retro-future, or a cabaret or any number of times and places ... and then the magic happens! posted by ChuraChura (11 comments total) 15 users marked this as a favorite
Great music. Great dancing. The original story by Hoffmann is still good, before it was skewered by Alexandre Dumas.
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It is Christmas Eve (or the 7th night of Chanukah)....

And the Harlem School of the Arts does a Kwanzaa version. Not the same music, but a similar story...
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The Pacific Northwest Ballet production was designed by Maurice Sendak, who also illustrated my favorite version of the E.T.A. Hoffmann book.
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There was no Washington D.C. in the 1770s.

*stomps off, grumbling*
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Forgive me - 1782 Georgetown :-)
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I am a complete sucker for all of Tchaikovsky's ballet scores. I can sit and listen to them and an entire ballet magically unfolds in my mind's eye. The rigor and structure of the form seemed to resonate with him somehow...
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From ChuraChura's most recent link:

"The party scene takes place in a Georgetown mansion on Christmas Eve 1782," said Weber. "I wanted the guests to include residents from the time period, like Frederick Douglas."

Frederick Douglass was born in 1818.
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That said, I love this post.
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It apparently pays for the rest of the ballet season.
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This post is awesome, thanks!

That said, when I read "The Nutcracker, in its entirety, as interpreted by: Matthew Bourne...." I instantly realized that my life would be complete if I could only see The Nutcracker as interpreted by Jason Bourne.
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I did the Mother Ginger en point! The divertimento goes by different names, it's the last comic scene in the second act. An old woman in a huge hoop skirt comes out and a dozen or so "buffoons", insanely cute tiny girls come out from under her skirt, dance around and taunts her and totally steal the show by being tiny and just incredibly cute. It's usually done by a cross dressing tall guy as the costume is huge and a good 60 lbs. And yes I did point work in that huge dress, woo.

If you haven't done ballet, go to a good Nuctcracker, it's a great show, you'll love it. It'suo a show that should be seen in a theater.

But I have seen dancers scowl and swear in October when some store sets up a pre-thanksgiving xmas display, too soon, too soon (in the year).
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