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Airing before the Saturday morning cartoons on Detroit's WDIV, Kidbits (Optical illusions pt. 2, pt. 3) delivered snappy science from the Detroit Science Center, along with a handy venue for PSAs and goofy local ads.

The show was hosted by Gary Ed Mach, a local kids show host.

More episodes: Gravity pt. 1, Gravity pt. 2. Metric mix!. The solar system.

The catchy main theme comes from a loop of Wood, Brass and Steel's cover of "Always There". Which, itself, forms the basis for Detroit Red's "Living It Up" (Kidbits).

And if that's not enough Detroit TV nostalgia for you: Frequently running during Kidbits was this ad for the Detroit Zoo.
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Kidbits! Thanks, klang.
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The first time I saw "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" it took me a while to connect the theme music to that Detroit Zoo ad, which I mostly associate with Sunday morning Abbott and Costello movies on WXYZ.
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("My makeup! My makeup!!")
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I've had the KidBits theme stuck in my head for the last 30 years.
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A friend of mine posted to a blog asking the question "Where is Gary Ed Mach?" and the comments turned into a Kidbits appreciation thread.

Gary showed up in the comments to answer the question.
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