Franz Kafka anime "Doctor, let me die"
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Franz Kafka's hallucinatory A Country Doctor anime by Kōji Yamamura. The original text is very short.
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This is fabulous! A Country Doctor is one of my favorite Kafka stories, and the animation here is beautiful and really well-suited. I'd hate to see The Penal Colony given this treatment. I don't think I'd ever sleep again.
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It occurs to me that Bill Watterson must have been influenced by Kafka...
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And I'm not wrong!
If you don't get a goodnight kiss you get Kafka dreams.”
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This animation roughly summarizes how I feel living in the Midwest during the winter.
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I am glad I live in a century that a "Franz Kafka anime" exists. Feeling very GreatDismally this morning.
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It would never have occurred to me, but "A Country Doctor" fits very nicely into the Japanese ghost-story tradition; it could have come straight out of Ugetsu Monogatari. Thanks for the post!
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I didn't watch the Country Doctor, but it's available on DVD with a bunch if Yamamura's other films. They are seriously cool and good and totally weird.
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Excellent stuff. Yamamura deftly conjured up a world of painful paranoia and angst that perfectly conveys Kafka's sensibilities. Kudos, Yamamura-san!
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Thanks for posting this, stbalbach.
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