Recycled Orchestra
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Landfillharmonic: The world sends us garbage, and we send back music -- Favio Chavez, Orchestra Director
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Spine tingled for this one.
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Amazing Touching Heartening--saw it several days ago and that is where some money for my Christmas gifts went. A great story, if there is one snarky/cynical post about this I will track down the perpetrator and......well, I will do something. Thanks for posting. I did wonder whether donating money would undermine the inspiration, hard work and creativity of these folks but I will take the chance. After all, it is about them and not how I want to see them.
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Another film I want to see. Thank you for posting the trailer.
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I love it, I love it. Hope this doesn't come across as snark, but I really hope they're able to somehow get all their instruments in tune when it comes time to put on a performance. I'm guessing that they didn't actually make the wind & brass instruments themselves out of trash; instead they probably are just using banged up instruments that had been tossed, which probably explains why the wind & brass sounded off.

The cello near the beginning, though, has a pretty nice sound and belies the idea that you need and expensive instrument to sound good.
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They are taking donations as well. I can't help but think they'd need strings, mouthpieces, valve oil, etc. I love this project and can't wait to see the film. I think this is a phenomenal effort.
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"My life will be worthless without music"
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