Poor Man's Moody Blues
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The Barclay James Harvest's "Titles" remains memorably catchy in spite of its faintly irritating musical parlor trick of lyrics created entirely from Beatles song titles. -- Allmusic.com. posted by MartinWisse (15 comments total) 2 users marked this as a favorite
See also GZA's "Labels".
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Obligatory. Helpful.
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Still love that '70s sound. Like everything is drowning in amber. So good.
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Nilsson did it better
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Yeah, but not as smarmy.
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This is great. I also love fake Beatles stuff. Of course, the most famous is Best of the Beatles, which was either a cynical or especially clever wordplay on the part of Pete Best, the Beatles former drummer.

Here's a whole page of Beatle knockoff albums

WFMU, unsurprisingly, loves this stuff and has many MP3's:
Fake Beatles No. 1: A Blotto Bee Gee and His Pals "Fut" Around With the Fab Four
Fake Beatles No. 2: Battle of the Bogus Beatle Bands
Fake Beatles No. 3: Battle of the Bogus Beatle Bands' Second Album
Fake Beatles No. 4: Deception on 45
Fake Beatles No. 5: Czerwone Gitary, the Fab Five From Gdańsk
Fake Beatles No. 6: Roots of the Rutles
Fake Beatles No. 7: Fake Other Bands of the British Invasion
Fake Beatles No. 8: Jerseybeat
Fake Beatles No. 9: The Kaisers vs. Wilhelm Wimbledom
Fake Beatles No. 10: Tomorrow Never Knows, Do One?
Fake Beatles No. 11: Beaglemania Doesn't Quite Sweep the Cartoon Nation
Fake Beatles No. 12: The Three R's (Readin', Writin' and Replicatin')
Fake Beatles No. 13: ¡Rompan Todo Con Los Shakers!
Fake Beatles No. 14: From St. Louis to Liverpool With the Aerovons
Fake Beatles No. 15: The Mystery of 'Peace of Mind/The Candle Burns'
Fake Beatles No. 16: Plunder From Down Under
Fake Beatles No. 17: Yellow Submarine Sandwich (or Meat the Beatles!)
Fake Beatles No. 18: The Poppees — Beat Boys in the Punk Age
Fake Beatles No. 19: Street the Beat's Amazing Journey From Gangbangers to the Nuyorican Fab Four

Gaylord Fields from the radio station actually has a half-hour video about the phenomenon.

And, of course, there were the Knickerbockers, whose "Lies" so successfully aped the Beatles that it was rumored they actually were the Fab Four. Another great from the band: One Track Mind.

Of course, the Monkees started off as a Beatles knock-off band, eventually actually occasionally outselling The Beatles.

We had a whole AskMe on Beatles-sounding songs that range from knock-offs to tributes.

I suppose I especially like this stuff as Omaha has a Beatles knock-off Italian restaurant. I think they should only be allowed to play fake Beatles music there, but nobody shares my commitment to theme.
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No Beatles knockoffs, but some of the best Beatles covers ever come from Funky 16 Corners and their Rubber Souled collections (previously).
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A good idea, but not cleverly executed. It could have been so much more. I enjoyed the music though. The vocals help make it sound like the old 70s band, America.
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Personally I'm quite partial to the versions put out by Trojan Records.
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Is that Derek Smalls on bass???
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It heartens my inner 14-year-old to note that the band's website is www.bjharvest.co.uk
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This, too, is why punk had to happen.

Confession: I own a Barclay James Harvest album. My pre-punk, pre-pubescent self was seduced by mellotron. Deep shame.
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I did this in college with Emily Dickinson identifiers. The only part I remember is
"I started early took my dog
The distance that the dead have gone"

My professors were like "WTF is this."
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