Evan Mather's animated Quicktime video for Aimee Mann's "Red Vines."
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Evan Mather's animated Quicktime video for Aimee Mann's "Red Vines." I love the song, not sure about this video... Can anyone figure out what's going on? (I mean I get that Aimee owns a gas station, but what's with the sperm...and the baby...and...well...just watch it...)
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Beautiful video, beautiful song. Aimee makes me smile. Her site has a real stream of the video, since Evan's site seems to be overloaded at the moment.
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Aimee's a cashier at the gas station convenience store, and she's the observer of these random people's lives, imagining their futures (or perhaps, seeing them for real). Look, this couple is going to start a family and live happily ever after! And it all starts with this six-pack of beer he's buying...

Lovely work. The animation of Aimee herself could have been a bit smoother, though; he really needed to use more in-between images for the various angles of her face.
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Sleeping Beauty all over again; enchanting; sexy, even!
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Skallas: The real player version's quality is about equal to the quicktime version although it is about 1.5 times larger in bandwidth. It should be noted that Evan Mather's site (original published link) offered the file quicktime encoded while Aimee's site offered a real player encoded version and stated ". If you prefer to use QuickTime, check out Evanmather.com."

I suspect it was encoded in real player format in order to reach those who insist on using it. Like the people who couldn't reach Mather's site.
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I was just reminded on how much the quality (if I dare use that word) of real player blows. Why do people keep encoding with it.

Hmm ... I can't speak for anyone else ... personally I started encoding in Real Media format because it seemed to be supported better, across different platforms, when I started a streaming video website just over a year ago. For instance, I can't encode to Quicktime from Premiere on my PC, and I'm not sure if Macs support Windows Media(?) format. That left Real Media ...

I'd offer more than one format to keep people happy, but it costs so much for over half a Gig of decent quality webspace already, that I would have to halve the amount of content on my site. There's also the question of having to laboriously re-encode existing content from AVI.

So I offer Real because of compatibility, cost-effectiveness, and for historical reasons. Also, most people have RealPlayer installed, even if they don't really like it.

If you have some ideas to work around my problems, please email me. I'd love to improve the acessibility of my site in any way I can.
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Wish I could see it bigger. There really isn't a decent workaround, walrus. When I did some web video, making 3 versions (WMV, Quicktime and Real) was the best way to make sure people could access it. Of course as you noted that leads to bandwidth problems.

Anyone check out the other films by Evan Mather? Pretty good- "Airplane Glue" had some great moments, Neil Armstrong's subliminal message the best.
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If you want Britney Spears, don't sign me. 'Cuz I'm not getting the breast implants, and I'm not singing those songs, and I don't like that kind of music-- Aimee Mann
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I've saw Aimee Mann live twice in 2000 -- once at the Henry Ford Theater in L.A., and again at McCabe's in Santa Monica. She was touring with her husband Michael Penn, and has comedic "interludes" by comedian Patton Oswalt. Great shows, both were.
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It's simple:

Quicktime worked on quality first and then incorporated streaming.

RealMedia worked on streaming first and then tried to improve the quality.

The result is that at identical quality, the RM file will be smaller and will begin streaming faster.
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Fofer, you're probably familiar with it, but Largo Supper Club on Fairfax ave. in L.A. has nightly entertainment of the Mann/Penn/Oswalt variety. Aimee and Michael don't play there much anymore (club's too small, she's too famous) but Patton plays most Mondays, as do some of the funniest comics working in LA. (David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, Paul F. Tompkins). On Fridays, check out the freakishly talented Jon Brion.

Best part: Admission is like five bucks on most nights.
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I feel so dumb. I had this whole alternate backstory behind the lyrics, involving teenaged angst-ridden hanging out involving tobacco and licorice, with an unrequited love providing the connection. But a quick mart attendant. Yes. Cigarettes and Red Vines. Why didn't I get that?
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