Diabaram, diabaram, diabaram, nena dou ko baye...
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Ryuichi Sakamoto & Youssou N'Dour -- Diabaram
See also, from the 2007 Montreux Jazz Festival,
Moncef Genoud, Youssou N'Dour, and the ''Return to Gorée'' All-Stars -- Diabaram

Also from the 1990 Ryuichi Sakamoto album Beauty:

Ryuichi Sakamoto with Kazumi Tamaki, Misako Koja and Yoriko Ganeko -- Romance
I believe you will recognize the melody.
Ryuichi Sakamoto with Kazumi Tamaki, Misako Koja and Yoriko Ganeko -- Chinsagu No Hana
See also Power of Okinawa, Roots Music of the Ryukyus -- Ryuichi Sakamoto: Beauty
See also, for lyric and translation: Chinsagu No Hana

From Ryuichi Sakamoto -- Left Handed Dream
(See also Ryuichi Sakamoto solo before 1984):

Ryuichi Sakamoto -- Relâche
Ryuichi Sakamoto -- Boku No Kakera 坂本 龍一
Ryuichi Sakamoto -- Venezia
Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Garden of Poppies

From among others on TECHNOPOLIS 2000+12's YMO〔Yellow Magic Orchestra〕【FULLALBUMS】

YellowMagic Orchestra - Zōshoku 増殖 [ Multiplies ]

Yellow Magic Orchestra - BGM

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Technodelic テクノデリック

Of course, they are all household names here, due no doubt in no small part to sendai sleep master's masterful Ryuichi Sakamoto post, but just the same, fyi: SiteSakamoto.Com and Yellow Magic Orchestra

and, then, let us end with
An example of life in old Korea
The girl wouldn't let me take her picture
Kimpo Airport
An old man with a stick, in white baji chogori,
witl a black katsu on his head
The taxi driver kept asking if I wanted a woman
Highway wa kassoro
Myongdong St. has no neon signs
Roadside pillboxes with armed police in front
Kuni no hana wa mukuge
There is a curfew from midnight till 4
Haikara na Myongdong musume
From Busan you can see Tsushima
The speed limit for passenger cars is 37 miles per hour
Yakan no dorojo de no chusha wa
chushato o tento suru koto
Korea has air raid drill once a month
Tokyo-Seoul kan wa yaku nijikan
People over 46 speak Japanese
Yellow Magic Orchestra -- Seoul Music
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Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence!
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Hmm... I wonder if it should be on the Alternate Christmas Film list? It'd be unconventional...
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Okinawa Song from his Neo Geo album.
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Holy cow y2karl you are on a hell of a roll here.

Thanks again!
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Wonderful -- thank you for these!

I've listened to Sakamoto's collaborations with David Sylvian for a long time now. Heartbeat is a personal favorite that should not be missed.

Forbidden Colors is the version of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence with Sylvian's vocals.

Also, World Citizen.
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And now for something completely different.

Here is Ryuichi Sakamoto surprising his friend and comedian Hamada Masatoshi while filming an episode of Gottsu ee Kanji.
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I love Sakamoto. Flumina, the album done with Fennesz, is beautiful through and through. This album is one of my favorite things to listen to late at night or on cold winter days. It's among the best of the best in whatever genre of beautiful, introspective classical-ambient Steve Roach's Structures From Silence and Tim Story's Shadowplay belong.
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I have an interesting story about Diabaram. In the waning days of my college life, I put this song on a mix tape after borrowing the CD from a friend. I'd been accepted into Peace Corps, and while I waited to hear where I would be assigned, I wanted to stock up on some music to take with me. I had no idea who Sakamoto was, and naturally assumed the singer and language on the track was Japanese. By September, I was in Senegal, learning Wolof and working in preventive health care.

That particular tape became a well-loved and much-copied staple among my colleagues in Peace Corps. It started out with the magnificent track "Little Fluffy Couds" by the Orb, which opens with a rooster crowing, and so it became known as the Rooster Mix.

One night, perhaps a year after I arrived in Senegal, I was lying in my hut listening to the Rooster Mix, when Diabaram came on. Suddenly, with almost hallucinatory clarity, I realized I could understand all the lyrics. I could understand Japanese. I thought I must be losing my mind.

But of course it wasn't Japanese. It was Youssou N'dour, singing in Wolof, a language in which I was now fluent. I had heard that song dozens of times without actually hearing it, until that one night when my mind locked on to it and I understood. Over a year earlier, I'd picked the one Sakamoto song featuring the language spoken only in the country where I ended up being sent months later. And I'd copied the tape and given it to other wolof-speaking Peace Corps Volunteers, many of whom later reported having the same dramatic realization around the same time I did.
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I have an interesting story about Diabaram...

That is such a great story.

On the Beauty album the lyrics provided for Diabaram were a translation from the Wolof to the French. One almost got enough to almost get the gist. Which is not the same as getting it, unfortunately...
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