R is for RORY who dies every day
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The GallifreyCrumb Tinies (Contains Doctor Who Spoilers)

Part of the "Doctor Kawaii" series by EatToast on DeviantArt. (Her first Doctor Kawaii comic in the series is here.) Via.
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Rory has some competition it seems.
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I would have thought B would be for (don't) Blink.
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This is so lovely.
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At some point I should probably watch some of this show, huh.
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Aw, Tiny Harriet. <3
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This made me smile SO HARD.
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That was charming!
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Classic characters get a star! And as always, spoilers!

Adric, the Wesley Crusher of Doctor Who.
The Brigadier, although I think, canonically speaking, he died in a nursing home.
Empress of the Racnoss
Miss Foster/Cofelia
Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister
Jabe Ceth Ceth Jafe
Madame Kovarian
Richard Lazarus
The Minotaur
Noah. Since it's in black and white, you can't tell that the bubble wrap is green.
Prisoner Zero
Quarks, essentially off-brand Daleks.
van Gogh
Yeti. See also: Robot Yeti.
Zygons. Note the Skarasen on the milk carton.
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The Jabe/Forest of Cheem story arc is just amazing. It's hard to describe the awe that I felt when I watched The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, when we learned why Jabe gave her life to help the Doctor. It's a beautiful little story, and I love it when shows flesh out that one tiny detail that could have gone unnoticed. Even when, and especially because, it was 6 series later.
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They're all so grisly... But V made me stop and feel sad.
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Awesome, thanks!
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1 is for One, who died of old age
2 is for Two, who faced Time Lord rage
3 is for Three, nuked too much to fight
4 is for Four, who fell from great height
5 is for Five, quite traumatically dead
6 is for Six, who got bumped on the head
7 is for Seven, gunned down in the street
8 is for Eight, who... let's just be discreet
9 is for Nine, fate sealed with a kiss
10 is for Ten, who heard knocks amiss
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The Silents are just so creepycool.
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I read it as "Y is for Yeti, hunted by furries wanting silk", and thought "oh of course, but what is that on the horse?", but then read it again and then it made sense with the drawing.
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hippybear: It's probably Rassilon, or some other Gallifreyan bigwig. Hence the headdress.
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