The Last Great Explorer
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Sir Ranulph Twistleton-Wickham-Fiennes is 68 years old, a cancer survivor, and he's preparing to tackle a six month 2,000 mile trek across Antarctica at night. Partially to raise money for charity, but mostly because if he doesn't accomplish it, someone else might manage it instead.
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Can I pay him not to do that?

I mean, I thought "firsties" was gauche now.
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If Sir Ranulph Twistleton-Wickham-Fiennes, third baronet and old Etonian, had never existed, then John Buchan or Ian Fleming Monty Python would surely have invented him.
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Is he going to do the funny walk?
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What a fascinating dude. That totally reads like a piece of adventure fiction.

Unrelated: I wish there was a Greasemonkey script for sites such as this that would put the goddamned periods and commas inside the quotes. Drives me nuts.
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Back in the UK, although advised by his surgeon to wait for the remaining healthy tissue to regrow before his fingers could be amputated, he famously did the job himself, with a hacksaw.

What the hell? The guy is a complete nutjob. I mean, I'm all for balls-out crazy, and I'll be interested in seeing how the expedition goes, but wow.
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Are you seriously telling me that this guy is named Ra[n]ulph Wi[ckha]m?
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He does it, not because it's there, but because the bastard Norwegians are.
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The expedition website is well worth visiting, and includes details about Seeing is Believing, the charity for which funds are being raised.
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His greatest accomplishment is that despite being one of the last great explorers, he still manages to look vaguely disappointed most of the time.
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To properly understand the insanity of treking in the Antarctic in winter, check out Cherry-Garrard's The Worst Journey in the World.
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Sir Ranulph Fiennes is already missing most of his digits from frostbite, so he's got that going for him.
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He just wants to follow in the footsteps of his hero and fellow antarctic explorer Sir Basleton Chapped-Lipped-Olde-Chap.
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Upperclass twit of the year!
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Ran Fiennes is a genuine goddamn explorer. He came and lectured at my school after the TransGlobe expedition. He is a genuine hard-ass and extremely interesting. About the farthest thing from an Upper Class twit of the year that you can get.
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Perhaps twit is unfair, but then explorer would be as well. He's an adventurer of the first degree, with, perhaps, the misfortune of having a Pythonesquely comical name.
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When I saw his name, I was sure this was going to be an obit thread. Hugely relieved to see I was wrong.

He was the second post I ever did here, and one of the few people that I can honestly say deserves the title of Legend.
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Sir Ranulph is incredible. Even if people at first think he's a mispronunciation of one of his cousins.

(A brilliant idea I know will never happen: a BBC documentary series covering an epic trek made by Ranulph Fiennes and Michael Palin.)
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For some reason I imagine Fiennes hates Palin with a passion.

A proper posh person, none of this controlling the country to obtain things as base as money and power. We need more posh people freezing to death in far off places and channelling the family fortune into weirdly named institutes dedicated to obscure research.
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