Sworn Virgins of Albania
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Sworn Virgins of Albania is a photo documentary project by Jill Peters. She writes, "'Sworn Virgin' is the term given to a biological female in the Balkans who is chosen, usually at an early age, to take on the social identity of a man for life. . . . Only a few aging Sworn Virgins remain. The number of new cases are scant and tend to be considered less authentic by younger generations." Sworn virgins are also known as burrnesha. Previously.

Peters' project has been featured on PetaPixel, Feature Shoot, Live Fast Mag, and Slate (which has the largest reproductions of Peters' photos that I have found on the web).
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Double. With the photos posted in 2004 and the NYT piece in 2008, I think this is a pretty much a double. -- LobsterMitten

Not quite a double, but the last post about this was deleted, so.
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I think its a double. My Error, that's the previously you've linked. (edit)
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