Justify your paranoia?
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Justify your paranoia? A little dated, but it's the first time I've seen it.
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shit. 143.

sucks to be me, eh? :P
posted by blindambition at 9:23 AM on April 6, 2000


Sure I'm pananoid, but am I paranoid enough?
posted by jennyb at 10:48 AM on April 6, 2000

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful... 35.
I don't think they were asking the right questions about the local police to apply to the LAPD.
But tweaking the "public exposure" questions proved the wisdom of my decision not to put pictures of myself on my website (which I promise will be back up in a day or two).
of course, I also feel safer knowing I could pick Crazy Uncle Joe out of a lineup.

posted by wendell at 1:41 PM on April 6, 2000


I think I must be living too dull a life. Need to get out more.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 12:25 AM on April 7, 2000

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