blair postpones freedom of information act
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blair postpones freedom of information act until 2005, despite being a labour party pledge for 25 years...... after the undemocratic anti-terrorism legislation forced through parliament on monday, what hope for real civil liberties in the uk?
posted by quarsan (5 comments total)
I find it most fascinating that the UK administrative and legislative actions have so closely paralleled their US counterparts. I'm not a conspiracy buff, but still . . .
posted by yesster at 11:51 AM on November 16, 2001

Mo Mowlam seems to agree.
posted by Zootoon at 12:38 PM on November 16, 2001

Time to barf. Labour Party prime minister, pregnant with fascist ideas.
posted by mmarcos at 2:54 PM on November 16, 2001

That's "New Labour", isn't it? Rather like the USA's Democratic Leadership Council, aka Democrats for the Leisure Class.
posted by Carol Anne at 3:19 PM on November 16, 2001

Quite similar to the modern PSOE in Spain. One of their most amazing accomplishments was to get elected for the first time in part because they promised to hold a referendum on whether Spain should be part of NATO. So what happens? They get elected. Referendum comes up with the following question (paraphrasing): Would you rather Spain negotiate an extension to existing US bases in Spain or become a member of NATO? An exquisite manipulation. Note that the majority of the Socialist cabinet got their Masters in the US (MBAs and such). So many in the US freak out at socialist govts in Europe and don't realize they are only a bit further on the left than the old Democratic Party of the 60s/70s. Ack! Something else will rise with a more honest voice (thus speaks the ingenuous self).
posted by mmarcos at 3:45 PM on November 16, 2001

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