Some Budding Yeast I Used to Grow
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A biologist researcher laments the present difficulty of getting funding for yeast experiments. In song form. With a stop motion animation video. And music by Gotye.
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This is part of the annual MCB Follies at UC-Berkley. This year there weren't many songs, but everything from the last 5 years or so is online (other Krefman videos are here).

Note: Grad school pressure is brilliant.
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Apparently singing scientists is what my day has been lacking. I love this post! Off to explore the promise of another five years worth of songs now.
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Forwarded to every bench bioscientist I know.
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Yeast researcher leavens day, bread
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My wife is going to flip out for this. Thank you -- totally awesome.
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So is this some sort of pseudohyphae branching out from yesterday's fermenting MetaTalk thread?
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Ok, there goes my afternoon. I'm going to watch all of these now.
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Add the live version of I Want to Graduate to the list too.
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Oh god, it's my life.

*Written from pitch black and freezing cold microscope room where I have been for 3 hours and will be for another 2 at least. I get 2-3 min breaks while the scope captures time series. Don't even get me started on the data I'm
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I put my biological sciences training to use making homebrewed beer, so yeast are one of my favorite organisms. But maybe this researcher should try another funding source apart from the NIH. Yeast are vital to the multi-billion dollar brewing industry and it seems that SABMiller and AB InBev might be willing to fund some work.
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Oh, very nifty! Also, the title made me laugh and laugh, possibly more than necessary, but I feel ever so much better now. Who knew yeast could be so....uplifting?
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I don't think I have see any parody beat the "Blot blot western baby got no bands this shit is crazy" motif of "Bad Project" (as in "Bad Romance" Lady Gaga) was my mantra through many 'dark' hours in the darkroom....
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I bet he could get a Kickstarter project funded...
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Sitting on the couch next to my husband, the yeast biologist, and say "Hey, i think you'll like this." He says, "Hey, I know that dude! Just met him at a conference." I love science and scientists. Also, the simplicity of model systems.
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Nobody mentions Bad Project?
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That's ... that's wonderful.
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