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Andrew "bunnie" Huang (previously) offered MIT students insight on how to bring electronic designs from paper to manufactured product. He summarized the process in a four part series: The Quotation, On Design for Manufacturing, Industrial Design for Startups, and Picking (and Maintaining) a Partner.

Bonus: He's been working on an interesting ARM laptop design, FPGA included.
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(Parts of his posts are heavy on electrical engineering jargon, but can safely be skipped, I think. The later posts have less of that sort of detail.)
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Aside from being a prolific engineer, bunnie is a great reality check for anyone that has ever whipped together a prototype circuit and thought "oh yeah, the hard work is done".

I always love reading his stuff.
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This looks amazing - can't wait to read them. I've been skirting and noticing the gap between DIY and prototyping and manufacturing for a while now.
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He left out the last step: Write the market requirements.
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This is great, thanks.
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Things like this remind me that I am solidly a mid-level geek -- this kind of stuff is beyond me. I've thought about getting involved in hardware hacking, but I don't have the time, and really don't have the money, at the moment.

Makes for interesting reading though. Interesting enough to make me think maybe some day....
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Funny to see this here today, I just heard him address the Linux Conference in Canberra this morning.
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