November 18, 2001
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Is your inability to become a new MeFi member too much to handle? Well, you can just follow this man's example, and buy your way in!
posted by christian (40 comments total)
"I am offering my witty, urbane, literate, yet not-too-cool commentary, all in the service of your name. But that's not all-- you will also benefit from my exquisite sense of web site value. All you need are a few dollars and a MetaFilter account."

Unfortunately, no references are offered, so I don't think I'll be taking him up on his offer. Anyone else?
posted by christian at 3:46 AM on November 18, 2001

I'm not entirely sure what's going on here. But then, I rarely am. Sure.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 3:53 AM on November 18, 2001

Translation: I'm an unemployed tech-writer, hire me!
posted by skallas at 4:27 AM on November 18, 2001

"I will be silent no more, etc"
As a ghost writer?
posted by Su at 4:31 AM on November 18, 2001

He wants us to pay him? Surely he can pay me if he wants to be in metafilter that much.
Mind you, at the moment, he only costs a dollar, and this comment is pretty crap. Hmmm..
posted by iain at 5:34 AM on November 18, 2001

bid starts at $1.00.. I'm sure one would get great service for a buck! hah
posted by BlitzK at 5:48 AM on November 18, 2001

I love that 192 people so far have decided against bidding....
posted by feelinglistless at 6:10 AM on November 18, 2001

feelinglistless: That's an *honesty* counter down at the bottom....
posted by realjanetkagan at 6:36 AM on November 18, 2001

Let them eat cake!!

I don't get it. I could see selling a username so you could participate, but this guy will speak for you? Isn't that what in-laws are for? Feh!!!
posted by adampsyche at 6:39 AM on November 18, 2001

hey let's give the guy a break! if we all clubbed together we could hire him
posted by quarsan at 6:44 AM on November 18, 2001

Cheap publicity stunt.
posted by fleener at 6:55 AM on November 18, 2001

I hope he does better than my Slashdot UID auction. Perhaps I should've gone for MetaFilter instead--I hear that Voyageman really has a jones...
posted by disarray at 7:06 AM on November 18, 2001

Up with MetaFilter! Let them eat cake!

Did they mean to add in the "with?" It sort of doesn't go with the rest of the message ;)
posted by lucien at 7:55 AM on November 18, 2001

end-game played back, loop it once. satire glaze(chipped,flimsy veneer) ;money will be the bane inside fowelsian only wink once at the man with a baby because itshehewill say: 'The Government is Conspiring to Make You Smarter' (at least more accessible) as evidence; the new "Questions, the new anti-drug"... whoops, wrong, I feel janked Kristian.
posted by clavdivs at 8:25 AM on November 18, 2001

disarray, maybe I should try selling my slashdot UID.
Apparently I'm #9, but I never really noticed before.
posted by kcalder at 8:25 AM on November 18, 2001

I'm justing waiting for the right time to bid. Frankly, I'd be more than happy to give this guy my username since he clearly would appreciate having it alot more than I do. Send me an e-mail buddy.
posted by howa2396 at 8:30 AM on November 18, 2001

Where's all the witty, urbane, literate, yet not-too-cool commentary on this thread?
posted by Rastafari at 8:40 AM on November 18, 2001

My hand smells funny.
posted by at 9:05 AM on November 18, 2001

Registration to Metafilter is closed? Gee, my cockles are promptly warming.
posted by sharksandwich at 10:14 AM on November 18, 2001

Rast-> we're all too poor to higher the wittless, rural, illiterate, and cool writers. wait...
posted by jmd82 at 10:51 AM on November 18, 2001

For $1.00, I could get a 20-minute phone call, or the ability to voice my opinions in a popular, world-wide medium.

Diagnosis: Phone call!
posted by Hildago at 11:50 AM on November 18, 2001

If he's THAT desparate, maybe he should contact Matt directly and offer to buy him some new hardware as the price of admission.
posted by davidmsc at 12:09 PM on November 18, 2001

sometimes is really obvious why heart attacks and stress is at such a high level....

mellow out, maaaaaan.
posted by Satapher at 12:13 PM on November 18, 2001

clavdivs, that was the most clavdivsian comment I've ever seen. Cheers to you.
posted by argybarg at 1:16 PM on November 18, 2001

Registration is closed?
Well, now I fell like I *Need* to post more ;-)

Why wouldn't he just create a MeFi clone and go that route?

Ah well...

posted by niteHawk at 2:41 PM on November 18, 2001

at least they took the "and growing" off the masthead.
posted by delmoi at 4:19 PM on November 18, 2001

er, um...
i think it's kind of...
well, funny.
posted by goneill at 5:05 PM on November 18, 2001

goneil, theres no room for funny here. Only pseudo-open-minded-bitterness. . ..:::sarcasm:::...
posted by Satapher at 5:12 PM on November 18, 2001

I'm pretty sure he isnt trying to buy his way in. Its more like he's trying (jokingly) to get someone willing to pay him to represent them on metafilter (through the use of the bidders already existing account).
posted by howa2396 at 5:36 PM on November 18, 2001

ha.. rcade bidded.. (is that the past tense of bid? or is it bud? lol...)
posted by lotsofno at 5:45 PM on November 18, 2001

Account reg has been "off" for weeks. You get a report about some pretty scary server load stats when you try.

I'm intrigued, though. Now that those who are in are in, and those who are out are out, will we all take on some kind of importance in our own minds and turn this community into a self-referential incest pit of in-joke haha? Or will the restriction actually allow that magic that is Metafilter to escape inevitable assimilation by late-coming bandwagoners? Perhaps this site will blossom under pruning. Perhaps it will suffocate without ventilation.

Perhaps new server capacity will be funded and we'll all find out that we were happier when the community was closed. Or perhaps the over-eager regulars will move on at that point and open the forum up for everyone else.

I hope not. There's nothing particularly special about this site's technology (although I admire it). It's the people who count. Maybe we should just leave membership exactly where it is and all grow old together?

What do you say? Burn the door-knocker! Lower the Portcullis! Boil the oil! Let loose the Kraken! And may he knock down every stone in Wannabeopolis...
posted by scarabic at 5:54 PM on November 18, 2001

hey, there are two l's in goneill!
posted by goneill at 6:30 PM on November 18, 2001

and it's much too late to prevent self-referencial in joke ha ha incest.
posted by goneill at 6:32 PM on November 18, 2001

ahem... check my reg date.

someone thinks i'm special.
posted by phalkin at 6:59 PM on November 18, 2001

I'd heard that Larry King had lost his gig at USA Today, but I didnt know he was that desperate to write more meaningless crap.
posted by tsarfan at 10:22 PM on November 18, 2001

at least they took the "and growing" off the masthead

delmoi, it's not "they" it's just me, there's no team of monkeys here to code for your pleasure I'm sorry to say.
posted by mathowie at 10:34 PM on November 18, 2001

Motion : That we hire an infinitely large team of monkeys to assist Matt with the coding, or reproduce Hamlet, whichever comes first.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 10:50 PM on November 18, 2001

So how much is a (low) 4 digit ID worth?
posted by andrew cooke at 4:08 AM on November 19, 2001

Update: 8 hours left and someone actually bid $1.
posted by UrbanFigaro at 12:07 AM on November 24, 2001

rcaden (39) is the winner.

We can never trust anything he says, ever again.
posted by mattpfeff at 9:21 PM on November 26, 2001

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