From a racquetball court at Halas Hall . . .
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Great article - it really takes you behind the shuffle, with gritty tales of financial mismanagement and failed attempts at a follow-up. The Boost Mobile commercial is a hoot.
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Semi-related: "Ram It".
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Also semi-related: 1988-89 Calgary Flames, "Red Hot" (trigger warning: mullets)
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Gayle: You always get fans that tell you which player they were portraying in the rendition of "The Super Bowl Shuffle" in their school production.

Walter Fucking Payton, thanks very much.

I was also the lead in the elementary school musical that year.

I guess what I'm saying is that the Chicago Bears organization isn't the only one who peaked in 1985-86.
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McMahon was nondescript, but Fridge was like a kid in the candy shop. He was such a bright spirit and enamored with everything and he was just fabulous, he had the best personality of anybody on the record, we thought.
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I watched this video over and over as a child. I even had a dance choreographed to it that I would perform for visiting relatives. We also had the song on 45. My parents taught he how to use the record player just so I would stop asking them to play the "Soupbowl Shuffle" every five minutes.
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(trigger warning: mullets)

Before Billy Ray Cyrus came along, I had never heard the term mullet. Needless to say, the only term I had for that style hair cut was "hockey hair."
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Needed more McMahon.
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