Sock Monkey Oscar Contest 2013
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Oscar Contest 2013 [via mefi projects] web-goddess has posted her eleventh Oscar Contest. This year's prize is an unprecendented FOUR Avenger Monkeys: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Incredible Hulk. Last year's prize: The Monkey with the Dragon Tattoo. More handmade sock monkeys in the project link.
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So cute.
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Pffft. Loki-fail.
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But Loki's not an Avenger. You should be concerned about the sidelining of The Black Widow.
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I knew somebody would call me out for not doing Loki. I can only plead time constraints and the blisters on my fingers. I toyed with the idea of letting the winner decide on another of the characters I left out, but frankly I'm sick to death of sewing sock monkeys right now.

Incidentally, if anybody is inspired to make their own sock monkey, I once wrote up a tutorial with photographs of all the steps. It's here if you want to make your own Black Widow.
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Arrgh. Exposed as the Avenger neophyte that I am.

At least my first reaction wasn't "no Emma Peel?"
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I just sent that tutorial to everyone crafty I know.
Someone will make me some Sock Puppet Avengers. Someone.
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I have a complaint!

The site isn't taking my entry because "I haven't entered a valid URL" in the entry form. Not everyone has a web page, you know!
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Just put, it's kinda true.
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This makes me happy to see here, both as a perennial bottom-dweller in the Oscar contest and as a beneficiary of web-goddess's terrific sock monkey tutorial. I used the tutorial to make my daughter a sock monkey just before she was born; it is still a beauty eight years later.

I didn't think anything would ever beat the Batman/Joker monkeys, but these are the new champions.
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I'm going to check out the tutorial, because sock monkeys = cute. Also, we should have a Metafilter one, obviously, and his name should be "Anonymous", so that we can all share the sock puppet!


I cannot let an Oscar thread go by without formally lodging a complaint that Cabin in the Woods is not nominated for best screenplay. That was the most imaginative movie I've seen in a while, and it's criminal that it is not even on the short list.

The only other contender I can see for screenplay that really hits on that level of creativity is Beasts of the Southern Wild (which I haven't seen, but I am familiar with the unique storyline). That's not an original work but an adaptation, as is Argo, (another film getting shafted on multiple levels, so don't even get me started on that); neither of those titles would be competing against TCITW.

If you look at the "original screenplays", Moonrise Kingdom is the only really imaginative work being considered. Flight and Amour are there representing the "Everyman unfairly getting screwed" and "Someone's dying tearjerker" categories. Zero Dark Thirty is based on actual historical events, however loosely. And much as I loved Django Unchanged, I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling the movie was, in many ways, Tarantino's continuation (or prequel, if you like) to Inglourious Basterds.
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The sock monkeys are ADORABLE! Look at the little Mjolnir! And Cap's shield is perfect!
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I'm with misha that the Oscar's list is disappointing and that Argo and Cabin In The Woods are much better films than the list would recognise. But what shocking news is that?
There's a reason we use the phrase 'Oscar Bait'. Of course, I assumed Argo would be squarely in that category, and yet it isn't getting the plaudits I thought.

Interestingly, Mr Armond White says that Moonrise Kingdom is better than Beasts of the Southern Wild. He also says that Ghost Rider 2 is better than Zero Dark Thirty, and reviewed it as "inspired".

I haven't seen Zero Dark Thirty, but I thought The Hurt Locker was over-rated.

And he says we Avengers fans are responding like Pavlov's dog.
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