"She felt that she had been run over by the police and others."
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For me, at any rate, the most reasonable thing to do is look for source documents. The record of the initial interviews with the two women has been up in plain sight on the Net for some time. When I read those and then read the terms of the European Arrest Warrant, it is clear to me that the EAW – and therefore the underlying Swedish investigation - is for the most part a significant misrepresentation of the women’s stories and intentions. -Sex With Lawyers - Assange and Sweden
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I know your heart is in the right place but both Assange and rape are difficult enough topics that a single link (albeit lengthy) blog post from six months ago isn't really going to fly well here. -- jessamyn

This article is bad and this post is bad.

Any article discussing the possibility of sexual assault which talks about how 'odd' it is that someone who may have been abused would continue to put themselves in close proximity to their abuser clearly has no fucking understanding of how actual humans can respond to trauma.
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