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Venue is a series of interviews and site visits conducted at notable landmarks across the US, such as the Bat Tower and the fields where Apollo astronauts practiced moon-driving. Most recently, they had a fascinating interview with USDA scientist Dean Anderson about the possibilities of GPS-based virtual fences for livestock (it's more interesting than it sounds) and a look at some wonderful historical maps kept at the Denver public library.
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I wouldn't call it a dupe, exactly.
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@ChurchHatesTucker, you're right; my bad.
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Wow and now I see that it is literally like 5 posts down. we may as well keep the first one - my fault!
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I did a previous post on the fields of the moon.
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Yeah, if there was a self-destruct button on the post I'd hit it. Flagging and moving on! Thanks to the people who previously posted this stuff, which I obviously missed!
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