soccer is f*cked
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This week, Europol, the European Union's criminal-intelligence division, announced that its investigation into match-fixing, codenamed "Operation Veto," had uncovered 680 suspicious games from 2008 to 2011. It's huge news, not because the results are particularly surprising — there's plenty of other evidence, even recent evidence, that match-fixing is rampant in global soccer — but because the sheer extent of the allegations means that we can no longer delude ourselves about what's happening. This is what's happening: Soccer is f*cked. Match-fixing is corroding the integrity of the game at every level.
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One of the things I find fascinating about this story is how multinational in scope it really is, and all the more difficult to address because of it.

I was talking with some friends offline about this story, and one suggested that, given the structure of baseball, it's surprising that this doesn't happen more there. Others jumped to the defense of America's Pasttime, suggesting that it's early public scandal, and it's severe response to it, has protected the sport. But if you read this article, and the related coverage, you may conclude, as I did, baseball is more likely to be protected by how parochial it is.
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