This is no domestic moggy.
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Earthflight is a BBC nature documentary narrated by David Tennant that takes a breathtaking flight on the wings of birds across six continents and experiences some of the world's greatest natural spectacles from a bird's-eye view. There are some full episodes up on YouTube (including South America, Africa, and the Making Of), but in particular these two clips caught my eye: Feral Cat Hunting and Peregrine Falcon Hunting.
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That peregrine clip is fantastic. I feel so luck to live in a place where I've seen similar behavior right from my back deck. Though I wish our local pefas would eat the damn starlings that nest in our eaves already.
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You had me at David Tennant.
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David Tennant using his native Scots accent. *swoon*
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Hairrrrrrds? What's a hairrrrrd? Is it like a group of some kind?
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My own semi-domestic moggy does that same "running really fast while also really low to the ground" thing when she's chasing flies in the house (she doesn't go outside, but I imagine she'd do the same thing if she had the opportunity to chase a pigeon).
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Everything has to step up its game.
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We thought that the moggie was going for one of the camels.
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That moggie knew EXACTLY what she was doing with the first several rushes. She was analyzing the flock just like a tigress, looking for the weak and slow birds. Notice that the bird she gets is one she deliberately targeted. Wise kitteh!

Rtha, I wish we had fewer starlings and pigeons around here, but then we prolly would have fewer birds of prey also. A pair of red tailed hawks nest four phone poles to the north of my place--I hope they come back this summer. I saw the most magnificent golden sitting on a cutbank on the highway the other day--stood on the brakes to look at his gorgeous eyes.

These city pefas are fun to watch.
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The Making Of is all about hand-rearing large birds for elaborate photographic projects. Collaboration or exploitation? I can't decide. It obviously takes a tremendous concentration of effort and care, a certain kind of love. And the photographic results are astonishing and exhilerating.
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