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David Lynch on his favorite photographs. As the honorary curator of the 2012 Paris Photo collection, David Lynch discusses some of his picks.
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Here is a direct youtube link.
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I have this pet theory that Lynch's genuis is tied up in his hair, which is always trying to escape to a new host.
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Kyle MachLachlan dances the Twin Peaks Harlem Shake.
This is a thing kids do.
And the Mua'dib.
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Your theory about Lynch's hair would (sort of) mesh with what Bob Dylan said about his hair: it's necessary to grow it long, because otherwise there's too much pressing against one's brain.

Dylan did not suspect that his hair had convinced him of this in an attempt to facilitate its escape, of course.
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Not to take away from Mr. Lynch's usual awesome, but that twin peaks Harlem Shake is AMAZING.
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Well that youtube link didn't last very long.
As bonus here is recent link to LA Times of David Lynch's short documentary on the art of lithography.
Virtually wordless, the movie observes the lithographic process with a detached eye, documenting the steps. Shot at Idem Paris.
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