Landscaping on a metropolitian scale
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"But placing sand in island shapes is not enough. Because the islands are appearing in the blink of an eye, ecologically speaking, they are at risk of incredibly rapid erosion. Natural islands develop a healthy covering of plant life over the course of their accumulation, which serves as an anchor. New plants are not strong enough to provide the same utility, and so, created islands demand millions of transition plants, grown in nurseries, to pre-age the island. Once planted, their sturdier roots help the islands hold together long enough for a full ecosystem to boot up." Just one detail from the tour of New York City’s dredged landscapes Tim Maly, founder of the Dredge Research Collaborative, undertook to help understand the enormous scale on which dredging shapes New York and its harbors.
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This is a great article so far but I'm having trouble making it past "NYC Dredgefest" which may be very serious but the name makes me giggle uncontrollably. Anyway, back to reading.
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I give this thread 3 Dredge Sirens.
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It took me three tries to stop reading it as "New York City's dreaded landscapes".
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Anywhere in Brooklyn not gentrified yet?
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