Showtime is over.
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I'd have expected Wikipedia to quickly tell me who the new owner is. (Jeanie?)

Is there a snag in the estate plan?
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A gifted but undisciplined student, Jerry quickly became disenchanted with school. "At a relatively early age—14 or so—I discovered I was more intelligent, more creative and more competitive than the great bulk of people I ran into," he says. Rebelling, he spent long hours in a pool hall and at one point dropped out of school to work on the Union Pacific Railroad. A sympathetic chemistry teacher named Walt Garrett lured him back, staking him in pool games and quizzing him between shots on the chemical properties of rare metals. "If not for him," says Buss, "I'd have gone in a different direction. I would have become a pool hustler and probably a pimp. That's how I visualized myself at 17—smooth clothes and hair."

People Magazine Profile 1980
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His acceptance speech to the HOF.

He was the first to sell naming rights to a stadium, show home games on cable, and give free courtside seats to stars. I agree with the sentiment that he was the Greatest NBA Owner of all time.
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I'm going to paraphrase something Jack Nicholson said after Chick Hearn died: "The only thing that brings this city together are earthquakes and the Lakers." I don't think that happens without the Jerry Buss Lakers and I consider it a big part of his legacy.

Thank you, Dr. Buss.
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He was a neighbourhood hero where I come from. He was a brilliant businessman, but more than that, he was a wonderful man. Thank you, Dr. Buss.
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I fear the Lakers haters are gonna get to see this team enter a long decline due to family infighting. Hope I'm wrong.
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Fight on, Dr. Buss.
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Never met the man but always liked his style. RIP, Doctor.
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If anyone is interested, there's a great article on one of Buss's more shrewd investments - a 25-year contract for Magic Johnson worth $25 million.
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FYI it looks like Dr. Buss had a strong succession plan. The family trust owns 66% of the team and it would be difficult for individual family members to sell their piece. LINK
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