Long Gone Day
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Mike McCready, Barrett Martin, Mark Lanegan, and Peter Buck got together last year to finish tracks from a second Mad Season record that was abandoned following the deaths of John Baker Saunders in 1999 and Layne Staley in 2002. Rolling Stone has the first track streaming, with the rest coming in April for a double album + concert dvd re-release of Above.
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Oh, man, I loved Above when it came out, but had completely forgotten about Mad Season! Thanks for this post - turns out it's the perfect rainy Seattle Friday afternoon for listening to Above on spotify ...
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If there were a God, I bet you he'd sound a lot like Mark Lanegan.
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Barrett was in the vastly under-appreciated Skin Yard for a while. They're worth a listen if you haven't checked 'em out before. Start at The Top.
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Day one purchase for me.

So many of the songs on Above, with Layne singing, just tear out my soul.

I have the same reaction to hearing Freddie Mercury soulfully deliver the line "Who wants to live forever?"
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WANT. I am so in love with Mark Lanegan's voice.

He (or his PR company. I dunno) recently tweeted about his upcoming album with Duke Garwood: MARK LANEGAN & @DukeGarwood present "Black Pudding", out 13th May on @heavenlyrecs Check out new track "Pentecostal"

Above is one of my favorite albums, probably ever. And "Long Gone Day" is one of the best tracks on it.

So excited for this! Thanks for posting!
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If you'd like to download the track:
$ rtmpdump -r rtmp://cp110004.edgefcs.net/ondemand/mp3:MP3Flash/madseason/12Locomotive \
           -s http://www1.rollingstone.com/hearitnow/player/music_player.swf -o locomotive.flv &&
  ffmpeg -i locomotive.flv -acodec copy locomotive.mp3 &&
  rm locomotive.flv
The result is a 160 Kbit CBR mp3 file.
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Thanks, mannequito, for this. Your posts are gold.
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Rhomboid: Thank you very much! Damned Flash *grumbles*
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