Node Timer: Keep track of your focus time
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Use the Pomodoro Technique? You might like to try Node Timer, a minimal timer that helps you track what you're working on, from fellow mefite orlick. [via mefi projects]
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Would suggest a screenshot or some other way to check it out without signing up.
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Yes. I am pretty much done with signing up for things, unless I absolutely cannot avoid it. A compelling demo that makes me want to use something is enough, sometimes!
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Signing up is a deal breaker for me, especially for things that do not need signing up to really just work.
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There's some other options for anyone looking for software to help them have a go at the the Pomodoro Technique.

I found it by clicking
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Vaguely related: I recently found a fantastic physical timer at a Muji in Manila. I'm using it to remind myself to look away from the monitor every 15min.
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You might like to try Node Timer

My wristwatch doesn't ask me for my e-mail address.
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I agree about the login to use thing as well, but there hasn't been a lot of time to change that model or respond here.

In the meantime, I recommend looking at timer questions in AskMe. Just sayin'.
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I really wanted to like this! But then it turned out I couldn't even learn about the thing I wanted to like! D:
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So the thing that makes Node Timer unique is the tracking, right? Unlike a stopwatch, it keeps track of how much time you've spent on each project?
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So maybe it is an answer to this askme.
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While for years I have benefited from MeFi exposing me to Getting Things Done, I was talking to a colleague about how the complexity and variety of tasks at my job have increased and I feel like I am falling off track constantly. I wish, I said to him, that there was some sort of a system that would keep me re-oriented frequently throughout the day. It turns out that very morning the person across the hall from him had told him about Pomodoro and the Tomato Timer web site.

I'll check Node Timer out, but in the meantime I want to chime in on the effectiveness of the Pomodoro technique. These have been the most productive three weeks I have experienced in years.
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two issues for me - one signing up, fuck that it ain't my email. Two, it uses the internet and a browser (I assume). if i want to get something done then an open browser isn't helping.
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Made an account, took some screenshots. This is what Node Timer looks like.
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Hey everyone! Wow, I didn't expect my tiny weekend project to make it to the front page of Metafilter!

I'll be making a bunch of changes based on the discussion here. I just pushed up an update to the front page so it has screen shots and a better description of what Node Timer is about. I'm also going to integrate with other login systems such as Facebook, Twitter, etc so you don't have to sign up for yet another service. I agree that's totally annoying.

Here's a quick background of what Node Timer is all about. I'm a software engineer and I was having a lot of success using the Pomodoro technique to help me focus during the day. Typically I was using the timer on my iPhone. What I missed was actually seeing a log of what I was focusing on. I was really curious to see what my day and week looked like in more detail and how my focus varied from week to week.

Future versions of Node timer will have more analytics about your day and week. What time of day do you have the most focus? When are you getting interrupted a lot?
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Looks good, but not being able to use it without internet access is a bit of a deal breaker.

If you're after a non-web alternative, I'd go with Tadam, a rather pretty menu bar app for OS X, or Tim, a cross-platform command line timer (which is useful for all manner of countdown/interval type stuff, not just Pomodoro timing).
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I made a little hardware one out of a MSP430 LaunchPad and Energia. It's very small, silent, and needs no soldering or parts. It gets its power from USB, but could probably be run from any tiny DC supply.
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