A Hitch in Your Giddyup
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This is Jimmy Riddle and Jackie Phelps eefin and hambonin. It's not much, but not a single gallon jug was harmed during this post.
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Ringtone: SAVE. Text Message Alert: SAVE.
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This was a major hit with my ten year old.
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Jimmy was quite protective of his art, and was under strict contract to another label. When the Holy Modal Rounders wanted the sound, they had to rely on Jimmy's son Steve for the backing of Livin' Off The Land.

More of this sort of thing: EEF BEAT MANIFESTO from WFMU.

That's some semi-sweet hamboning, but he ain't no Sheesham and Lotus.
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I liked how the one guy was on the left to start with, and he would change up the act by putting his hand on the other guy's shoulder. And then after a while they changed places, but after that the whole schtick lacked a certain je ne sais quoi.

My 10 year old thought it was great as well.
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Well, that just made me slap happy!
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Has somebody written the in-depth, cultural-critical history of HeeHaw yet?
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I had no idea "eefin" had a name other than "hand-farting".

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I like to think that when my old relatives from TN and MS talked about "making their own fun back in those days," this is specifically what they were referring to.
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emjaybee I had no idea "eefin" had a name other than "hand-farting".

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think the eefin is the vocal/beatboxing sort of stuff

As far as the hand farting? I've only seen it twice.

Once on the Johnny Carson show, with a guy called himself a manualist, and played Stars ad Stripes Forever or something. I read later that it was sort of a fake, a farty sounding ventiloquism.

Second was with this like 22 year old girl. Incredible violinist, nutjob nature illustrator, 8 months out of the year with a backpack and laptop somewhere in South America gal. And she pulled it off perfectly.

I told her I saw this on the Tonight Show before you were born, but she wouldn't break, and I never saw her lips even twitch when she did it.

I think it is a schtick, but damned if I can prove it.
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