One of the most astonishing photographic documentations ever undertaken.
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More than a century before a Californian search engine sent cars to record houses for Google Street View, a German-born prospector entrepreneur employed photographers to rove Australia's boom gold towns with large format cameras, capturing every aspect of the rapidly developing colony of New South Wales to attract early migrants. The collection has now been digitised by the NSW State Library. Samples. Then and now comparison.
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Oh this is good.

I always forget just how much of a difference the gold rush made to Australia. It's fantastic to drive through the Victorian goldfields and see the evidence of the boom.
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Dieter Roth

Reykjavik Slides
Every View of a City

(31,035 slides)

1973 –1975 / 1990 – 1998

Featuring 31,035 slides shown on multiple projectors, ‘Reykjavik Slides’ was inspired by the distinctive character of Icelandic architecture and documents every building in the capital.
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Oh, amazing. I wish more of the Victorian goldfields shots from the collection were online; I've just been doing a family history project on ancestors who came out for the gold rush and were on the goldfields around Ballarat, Clunes & Creswick at this time. But even these samples give a great view of what life on the goldfields in the 1870s must have looked like.
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It was amusing to see the crude streets flowing with mud, and then the 1872 pictures were pretty funny too.
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The bark hut undertakers would have had a particular perfume.
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Just adding the fact that they were shot using olde time plates means you can zoom in to some amazing levels of detail in the digitised link.
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I love how, in the 'then and now' images, half of them show nothing much has changed at all.
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Thanks for these links, I love seeing Australian content here on metafilter.
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Yay, there can't be too much of this kind of thing on the internet.
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Everybody sure had a lot of time to stand around in the street back then.
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Well, yeah, union labour.
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