Where no bird can fly no fish can swim til The King is born in Tupelo!
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It should also be noted that Farren has indulged in a little spontaneous paganism of his own in the past.
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I just can't see the Wu Tang Clan as being punk.
But I did like The Man With The Iron Hands.
So we'll call it a draw.
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huh haven't thought of Farren in awhile. Been a long time since I've read his books. They where...fun, for a given value of fun. Found Necrom in a seedy second hand book store about 1992 and went on a mini tear through 4 or 5 of his books. The Long Orbit was my favorite, had a sort of Blade Runner feel to it.
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Another good book about the rock 'n' roll/occult connection is Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and the Dark Side of the Age of Aquarius by Gary Lachman a.k.a. Gary Valentine, the bass player from Blondie.
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There is no mysticism in the Clan other than that which was absorbed by kung-fu movie osmosis.
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I don't really get your joke, Gin and Comics. The article is lacking in examples, but Wu-Tang is indeed loaded with references to NOI and Nations of Gods and Earths teachings. "Wu-Revolution", for instance, is a recitation of some of Elijah Muhammad's writing.
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Yeah, Necrom wasn't bad. The Armageddon Crazy was pretty good, too.
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