"The Cubs seemed sort of cranky."
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Three days of watching baseball with Bill Murray in 1990. Old Style beer and a drunken Mick Fleetwood feature prominently.
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The days keep resetting until the Cubs win the World Series.
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This post reminds me of one I made a number of years back of a video featuring ca1982 Murray rambling about watches and R2D2 and how great he is thinking up ideas off the top of his head (in multiple takes, of course).

Anyway, my cat won't stop aggressively smelling my elbow so I guess I'm out.
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Yes, but were they the same three days?? Because OMG that would be just like Groundhog Day.
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What say? Do we all still love Bill Murray?

I'm ok with what the rest of the group comes up with.
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Shouldn't this post have been done on 2/2, as well as that one a few clicks down the page?
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This is almost entrancing to read.. I'm not sure what it says about Bill, but it says a lot ..
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Great article, great post. I love Bill Murray and it sucks he can't watch a game without people skeezing out all over him. I'd feel the same way.
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Old Style - $6.99 a case as Osco drugs when this article was originally published.
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Mazloa, I love Bill Murray, and I would love to catch a Cubs game with him, but like he says in the article, if he made me miss one pitch, I'd deck him. When I'm there to watch a ballgame, I'm there to watch the damn ballgame.
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Every now and then I am in the proximity of megastars but I don't bother them. The nice ones always come by to thank me for that.
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That was brilliant, but it really made me long for baseball season to start up already. Even if he is a filthy northsider.
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I love Bill Murray.
"Dogs and cats, living together!" wailed someone a few rows back.

"This Ghostbusters thing is not going to go away until someone kills themselves with one of the toys," Bill said.
He's probably still right about that.
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