You've Come a Long Way, Baby...?
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Makers: Women Who Make America is a sweeping 3-hour documentary of the movement for women's equality in the last half of the twentieth century. Airing this month on US public television, it's accompanied by an online archive of videos of interviews with individual women in leadership across a variety of fields. Leaders and activists, celebrities and pioneers, and everyday women retell the story of their awakening, organizing, and world-changing efforts.
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Oh hey, I saw part of this on PBS the other day. How awesome that all the interviews are online.
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The story of the woman who hosted Romper Room, uncovered the thalidomide epidemic, was driven out of the country for her abortion and lost her job....geez. We need to remember the detail of these stories. It's so easy to take the changes for granted.
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Saw the first hour yesterday and can't wait to see the rest—a terrific, inspiring documentary.
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Oooo couch date this weekend!
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Yeah, this was excellent. I saw this first hour the other day and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest.
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