No one will feed you as well as somebody who loves you
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Alton Brown talks to Google about bow ties, trying to find recipes on Google vs. on the Food Network website, and trying to impress his daughter by blowing things up. (SLYT)
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Also, fighting zombies with cupcakes.
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Whoa. No wonder my phone can't load it, it's a 59 minute long video. Saved for later.
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"Zombies hate butter-cream frosting."
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Is there a transcript somewhere?
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The stuff towards the end about the complications of creating new forms of digital products was really interesting, and indicative of just how screwed up things are. People can't launch new stuff because they can't afford $650 an hour for the IP lawyers to make sure they aren't infringing on something somewhere when they do it.
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I haven't watched the video yet, just came in to comment that ever since Pearl Jam started using the metaphor of feeding someone as symbolic of love, way back on Vitalogy, I have found that to be a very powerful image.

Okay, I'll watch the video now.
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He also mentioned something to the affect that forums are ruining the interwebs. I'm sure we could all chip in for the five bucks to get him on here.
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Well, that was fun to watch. Thanks for posting!
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@GoogleTalks are awesome.
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impress his daughter by blowing things up

Hey! All they did was cook a Thanksgiving meal on a car engine! Nothing blew up! (Despite Myhtbuster's reputation)
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They blew up all that popcorn.
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Is there a transcript somewhere?

There is on the YouTube page itself.

Next to the Add To link near the description under the video there is an icon that I guess is supposed to be lines of text with one line highlighted. This is the transcript, and follows along with the video if you leave it on while video is playing, or you can simply pause video and read the transcript.
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...I think I actually do think that there is a part of the population that is faking it.
I don't think that there are nearly as many intolerances as there are people that want
to be treated specially by having an intolerance.


Some times we soak crackers in liquid nitrogen and give them to the dogs, which is really
cool because as the dog chews the cracker, the steam shoots out of their mouth.

I have got to try this!
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They blew up all that popcorn

Doh! That's right. Forgot about that part.
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Alton really needs to learn about librarians. Google is really not going to give you curated search of academic resources. Your academic librarian is going to do that and many universities will sell non-students a card for considerably less than $10,000/year. Residents of California, for example, can purchase full borrowing and reference desk privileges for a grand total of $100 per year.
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Hmm, when I think of bow ties I think of Christopher Kimball, not Alton Brown.
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