"I am a prime example of American unacceptablility."
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Civil Rights is a slam poem performed at last year's Brave New Voices festival. There's a transcript here, though it's worth noting that the page gets the poem's title wrong.

Written and performed by Shanita Jackson and Dakota Oder, it becomes even more impressive when you realize that both women are still teenagers...and from the looks of it, Jackson was only fourteen at the time.
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I almost didn't watch this because, you know, slam poetry isn't a form that usually speaks to me.

But this literally brought me to tears.

That was stupendous.
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As a queer person of color, I found this this amazing, powerful and moving.

But as always, I don't know why I bother to even glance at the youtube comments :(
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They have fantastic energy together and the riffing off of each other, especially visuall turned away from each other, is terrific. I found the transition at the end unearned and jarring, even trite, though. Given their ages it's still one heck of a performance.
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I hereby declare this the most under-commented thread ever. 'Cause this shit is awesome.
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Wow. I finally watched this. That was outstanding.

The recording is sketchy enough in places that I'm glad I had the transcript.
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