But will it work on my Apple IIe?
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Lord British is back, but sadly another installment of Ultima is not on the way. More about this latest venture and why he can't use the Ultima name. The Avator, however, returns after 15 years.

This might be the best way to get a man in his mid-40's excited. Kick in a few bucks. Alternate title: "Ask bard for key to door."
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This post was deleted for the following reason: In-progress Kickstarters are a no-go here - feel free to come back to this once it's closed, though. -- restless_nomad

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er, Avatar.
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While this is cool and all, there's a standing Metafilter policy against FPPs that are basically about in-progress Kickstarter projects.
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That happens when I get excited and am typing with a beer in hand.
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