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The Raven That Refused To Sing, a melancholy animated music video for Steven Wilson's (Porcupine Tree) solo song. [slyt]
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I didn't even know he'd released an album since Grace for Drowning. I like that a lot, although it's pretty morose. Wish he'd take PPT out of "hiatus."
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Porcupine Tree is superb when writing in a pop mode, and above-average in prog metal form. As much as I dig all the King Crimson callbacks I do wish Wilson would get the ol' band back together and kick out some Stupid Dream Lightbulb Sun type material.

But with all that said, here's a wonderfully goofy little campy abstract thing he put out as a side project a while ago, something I used to play on student radio all the time. I rarely got phone calls, but this one always got at least one mystified caller.
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Just today I had put on some music and my toddler had the following exchange with me:
Toddler: Diffwent.
Me: Different what? Do you want something to be different?
Toddler: Diffwent moosic.
Me: Ok. Hm, we left Adele in the car.
Toddler: (wistfully) Eee-dele...
Me: Do you want Rodrigo y Gabriela, or Porcupine Tree?
So I put on In Absentia and whenever the guitars suddenly picked up he would give a contented smile and say "pocupie twee." with quiet satisfaction.

I tried to dance with him to get the butt-dip thing going on but he said "no" and gave me a look that meant "this is serious music meant for serious listening.".
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This new Steven Wilson album really is marvelous and demonstrates just how deeply emotional his music can be. He has surrounded himself with impeccable session players and, speaking of impeccable, Alan Parsons' production propels this into headphones-required territory.
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The new album...well, I don't have the words. Everything music that is progressive should be, I guess.
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It is important to remember that Wilson (still) thinks in terms of albums. "The Raven that Refused to Sing" is a good song on its own, but as the conclusion to the album, it is heartbreaking.
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For the curious, here's the opening track: Luminol (YouTube)
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Can't NOT comment on this, even though I'm almost never in here :-). The new Wilson album is absolutely amazing. I listened 3 times through on its delivery from Burning Shed, and then twice more the next day, and then in the car for the following two days. It really reminds of King Crimson, but also goes beyond. I love me some Porcupine Tree as well, everything from Lightbulb/Stupid through The Incident.

I think Steven really wants to branch out from PT, and I'll be very pleased but a bit surprised if PT produces another record in the next couple years.

Links to some info about Raven:
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Just downloaded the album. Luminol is great, & on a second listening, The Raven That Refused to Sing is just too sorrowful to bear. I need a Jellyfish or Keneally antidote, I think.
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Oh, hey, that's Keneally's drummer playing on this. Amazing. A Keneally/Wilson collaboration would be the Rancher Godhead of audio delights.
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I rather enjoy Holy Drinker and Watchmaker too. Drive Home builds to a fantastic climax with gripping guitar solo. Looking forward to the Variety Playhouse Atlanta show on April 17.
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