Yes, they play the song from the Fruitopia commercial.
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Here's about an hour of The Muffs (v1.0) rehearsing somewhere in California on January 13, 1991.

[SLYT, music starts at about 3:45, NSFW if Criss Crass cracking dick jokes will agitate your co-workers.]
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Nice! My favorite Muffs song is Pacer which is a cover of The Amps song (Kim Deal, et al), the lyrics of which may or may not have been written by Robert Pollard (The Amps covering GbV) OK back to work...
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Also, the Cocteau Twins wrote some music for the Fruitopia commercials in the 90's:
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I've seen the Muffs live a couple times. They kicked ass.
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I saw the Muffs live on a three band bill around the time the first album came out. Going in they were the only band I didn't care about seeing. When we left they were the only band I wanted to see again. I don't even remember who the other 2 bands were, but I remember lots of people were talking about the Muffs at the end of the night. It's great when a you don't know a single song by a band and they still kick your ass and make you an instant fan. Kim Shattuck is a hell of a great person to be fronting a band.
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Wow, the Muffs must have had some pretty heavy video camera accompaniment starting out – here's a video taped from their first show (Kim says so) on January 26.
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I saw them with (I think) NOFX when I was in high school, circa 1994. They were captivated me in a way that contemporary punk really hadn't up until that point. The poppy sounds of bands like NOFX and their ilk got old and fast, but the Muffs sounded like they just didn't give a flying fuck, that if there happened to be a catchy part of one of their songs, then so be it but you know, whatever.

I feel *almost* ashamed to say it, but I more or less grew out of listening to new punk by the time I was in my mid 20's. I still listen to old stuff - hell, I'm going to see Danzig & Doyle in a few weeks - but there was too much other music out there to explore to confine myself to just one genre, one genre that seems to keep repeating itself over and over and over and over. The Muffs were one of the special groups, though, and while they weren't 100% original they were 100% unique. They refined a sound that needed refining, taking it down a path that other, lessor bands didn't have the ability to take it. Soon enough, they were aped and then found themselves in that most unholy of musical places: copying their own copiers. I lost interest, probably even before their ultimate decline, but their sloppy, snotty garage sounds will always occupy a place in my cabinet of rock n' roll curiosities.

This being said, punk influenced me in ways that I can't fully put into words, and not just in a musical sense. My politics, fashion sense, and general attitude were shaped by the movement in such tremendous ways that I don't think I'll ever be able to not give credit to it.
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Having never seen/heard them, but knowing of the connection, I always assumed the Fruitopia ads would've used Crush Me.

Now that I bother to look it up, I guess a song about a stalker makes as much sense…
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This is my favourite era of The Muffs. I love that first album so much that the rest of their discography just sorta paled in comparison.
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Kim Shattuck is one of my heroes. Thank you for posting this!!
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Neato. I was an incorrigible Muffs fan. About a year ago I happened upon this video of The Muffs live in Pensacola ca. 1995. And yep, it was the show I went to! MEMRYS.
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