Has anyone read "Swimming Across" by Andy Grove?
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Has anyone read "Swimming Across" by Andy Grove? It appears to be pretty far from the traditional "look-at-me, revel in my vision, I'm an uber-CEO," self-promotional book; he never even gets into his Intel career, apparently. Instead it's an account of Grove's childhood in Hitler and Stalin's Hungary and the story of how he came to America. The book has been getting great reviews, from people as diverse as Tom Brokaw, Elie Wiesel and Monica Seles. Still, the cynic in me says that no matter how dramatic the tale, when you're a Fotune 500 CEO, you always have other motives. Perhaps I'm just too cynical. So again, has anyone read it? What did you think?
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I haven't read the book, but I probably will. Andy Grove is an amazing guy. Wired had an interesting article on him in June 2001 entitled, "Andy Grove's Rational Exuberance," which I recommend.

By the way - Craig Barrett is the CEO of Intel, not Andy Grove.
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Point of order, emptyage -- other than the SF Gate article, those aren't reviews you've got there -- they're blurbs.

That said, it's encouraging to see an industry bigwig write a book that isn't focused on his Awe-Inspiring Rise to Power.
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Andy Grove is the FORMER CEO of intel. He retired to fight cancer or something a few years back.
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