You can't ground Spiderman!
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Josh Keaton, the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man from 2007-09 for the TV series The Spectacular Spiderman reads a whole bunch of 60s Spider-Man Image Macros (Bleeped Audio) (Know Your Meme - video)
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I grew up watching the 60's Spiderman cartoons. Very surreal, and also charmingly witty.
posted by KokuRyu at 5:06 PM on April 1, 2013

"Um . . . my body is ready."

I love voice actors using their powers off-script.
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This is meee, GIVING A F███!
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Arachnads. Gold.
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Thanks for making me mad again that they canceled that show. Jeez.
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That is glorious. "Look at all the f███s I don't give. They're just falling from the sky." That really wants to be a sound for SOMETHING my phone does, but I can't decide what, and none of it would be remotely socially appropriate.
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Holy crap, that was hilarious.
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Someone needs to make an adventure game and hire Keaton for the main character's lines. What, he's out of work!
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Thanks for making me mad again that they canceled that show. Jeez.

Ultimate Spider-Man isn't too bad, if only for the fact that Clark Fucking Gregg is in it, playing Agent Coulson as Spider-Man's principal. It's better than it sounds, even if you think it sounds totally awesome.
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I dunno. There are too many superstars on-staff, and the show is meddled with far too much from On High - they need to pick one creative voice, and ride it. They also need to stop aping Teen Titans and abandon schtick and concentrate on wit.
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