Home Movie of Walt Disney Playing with a Model Train in 1948
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Ward Kimball's home movie footage of Walt Disney playing with a backyard scale model railroad in 1948.
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So I guess we know what inspired this cartoon.

I am not a disney buff, but for some reason this Donald duck cartoon sticks with me. Kid sized model train? Love it.
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Walt's Carolwood Railroad was a major part of his life and a huge influence on Disneyland.

We know how that story ended, but to see the very beginning, to get a glimpse into the first time he saw a garden railroad, the day it went from "that thing Ward wants to show me" to "that thing I want to build," is amazing.
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I've been to the Walt Disney Museum in SF and there's a lot of stuff there about this. Probably including this video, but I can't watch it at the moment right now to check.
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You undersold this, zzazazz. He's RIDING that backyard train.

In a great looking blue suit, too.
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When I was a kid living outside Philadelphia, a group of men down the road maintained a large track layout on which they ran miniature steam trains precisely like these.

On one memorable afternoon I was watching the action with my father and one of the railroaders invited me to take a ride around the track on one of the trains. I sat behind the "conductor" and watched him shoveling little spoon-sized shovels full of coal crystals into the engine, and operating the thing with tiny, shiny chrome levers and rods. For all intents and purposes the thing smelled and sounded like a full-blown steam train--only gentler and more high-pitched.

Kinda disappointed at the lack of sound on that film... but what a fascinating and remarkable record. Disney's playful nature really comes through here. Plus it really brought back memories for me. Thanks for posting this.
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