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The World According to John Coltrane is a one-hour documentary, featuring lots of music footage and interviews with prominent jazz musicians such as Wayne Shorter, Tommy Flanagan and many others. It's an excellent primer on the enormously influential saxophonist's life and music.
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Extra added five-star bonus feature, kids! Here's the 1988 documentary on the one and only Thelonius Monk: Straight No Chaser. Now, does flapjax love you or what?
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Goddamnit, flapjax. You're a mensch.
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In case anyone else was wondering, Well You Needn't starts at about 8:40 in the Monk doc.
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Meanwhile... The Miles Davis Story
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Dammit, flapjax. I had work to do this weekend.

(Awesome finds!)
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I still have a VHS copy of this Coltrane doc. The blistering footage of "My Favorite Things" ranks among my all-time favorite Trane moments. Great stuff.
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OK, my Tuesday is all booked out. Thank you so much.

Got busy busies before then.
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Thanks, flapjax, much appreciated!
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Thanks, flapjax. For all of these.

Five years ago I had to have some surgery I dreaded and, indeed, there were complications. It's fine now but to even make myself be willing to go, I played lots of Coltrane, especially in the late night hours it was "Dear Lord" over and over. Whenever I hear it now, I can instantly be still and center myself. If I lived in SF I would surely visit the Church of St. John Coltrane.
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Shit yeah! Plenty-o-jazz. Thanks Flapjax!
Nothing but the good stuff.
...If you havent seen Straight No Chaser,
make your day, Monk was such a quirky guy.
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flapjax, you're st. pauling it up with all this spreading of the trinity
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Nice find!!
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